About us

The world is full of cookie cutter convenience stores, but that is not what the Big Moose deli and country store is. We offer a completely different experience for our customers. We want our customers to come in and enjoy their time shopping. We offer a wide variety of things on our shelves that will keep you interested and looking as you browse around.

The first thing you will notice is the look and feel of our store. The wooden shelves provide the old country store feeling. There are no metal racks to catch your clothing in the Big Moose. The items we stock on our shelves tell a story. They show the pride that we have in everything we sell. There are so many things to choose from including our Big Moose peanut butter that tastes better than anything you will get at a big box grocery store. Take a walk past the jars of homemade jams and jellies and you will be amazed at the variety of flavors that are available. It looks like your grandmother has spent a lot of time preparing her favorite recipes for you to buy.

We don’t forget about your pets either. Cat lovers lane and the dog lovers area will give you plenty of things to take home for your best friend. Your kids will rush to the candy aisle where they will find some of the most delectable treats around. There is sure to be something for everyone when you shop at Big Moose Deli.

Souvenir hunters will love the selection of coffee mugs, stuffed animals and other crafts that you cannot find anywhere else. The one thing that sets apart from everyone else is our deli counter. There are customers can choose from some of the best meats and other deli products that can be found. Enjoy a selection of homemade pastries and pies and other great treats. Take a seat at one of the quaint tables in the store or take the treats home with you to enjoy at a later time.

Our goal at Big Moose deli and country store is to make everyone who enters to feel like they are special. This is the way that grocery stores used to be run. Customers were people and not just a way to make money. We know that if we treat our customers in the right way, they will want to come back often. Take the time to check out the store with the Big Moose on the roof the next time you are in Hoosick Falls New York. It will be time well spent and you will walk out with a full belly, some special treats in your hand and most importantly a smile on your face. When we see that, we know that we have done our jobs right.