Big Moose Deli Counter

When you put the word deli in your name you better make sure you have the food to back it up. At Big Moose, that is not a problem. The pulled pork sandwiches, and the fresh made wraps will satisfy he pickiest person. Just like all of the products that we sell and serve, we know that the quality is the most important thing. We use the best meats and prepare them with care to make sure they are always the best they can be. Our deli counters have a great display of cakes pastries and pies that everyone will be talking about after they have tried them. Wash it all down with a cup of coffee that tastes like coffee is supposed to. We may not have fancy names for the sizes of our coffee cups, but we put the coffee in them that people want to drink

Our menu can change from time to time, but you will always find great sandwiches and subs. You can get breakfast sandwiches, hot subs and since we are located in New York, a bagel is a must have item. Chocolate lovers may never want to leave when they see all of the chocolate fudge items in the display case. Our dining room is ready for you to eat in or you can take the food with you. Or you can do a combination of both. Eat some in our dining room and take some more food home to your friends and relatives. They will appreciate it and will want to know where you got it from.

The deli may not be the five star restaurants that some people want, but does it really matter. If you can find great food the place you get it from should not matter. At Big Moose, we know that food that you get from our deli counter will be better than any other food you can find. To know that it comes from an old time country store is just a bonus.